The ultimate trading platform for real,
physical commodities, conveniently delivered
or stored in insured vaults around the world.


Buy and Trade Diamonds, Precious Metals and Rare Earth/Tehnology Metals


The diamonds, gemstones, and metals we select for our offerings are selected for their superiorquality, liquidity and fungibility.


Precious Metals

All of our precious metals are the same bars and coins that sovereign countries, ETFs, and other major bullion purchases use for their investments.


Rare Earth/Technology Metals

The diamonds, gemstones, and metals we select for our offerings are selected for their superiorquality, liquidity and fangibility.


Commoditarian Features

Transparent Accounting

Rest easy knowing that the contents of the storage location are audited every day and our vaults are further audited by a Big Fourinternational audit firm. At any time, you can access your account online and view your holdings, request a transfer to another vault, or select home or business delivery to take personal delivery of your goods.

Global Storage Options

The diamonds, gemstones, and metals you buy from Commoditarian are just that: your diamonds, gemstones, and metals. A precise amount of physical diamonds, gemstones, or metal belongs to you and can be shipped anywhere you wish. Secure storage is at your choice of vaults around the world. Commoditarian does not deal in securitization, paper proxies, or anything else that dilutes the control you have over your physical investment.

Easy as an ETF,
with Lower Risk

Whether buying or selling, your transaction is immediate. With Commoditarian, there is no waiting for payment confirmation, and no unexpected price changes. With convenient, 24-hour access and an easy-to-use platform, purchasing precious diamonds and gemstones through Commoditarian could not be simpler – or faster.

Fast and Easy

Commoditarian permits our clients, with a simple mouse click or phone call, to have all of your assets transferred to another Commoditarian provider vault, or delivered to virtually any address in the world with just two business days’ notice, via safe and insured carriage.

When our clients choose to liquidate some or all of their assets, they can simply sell their assets at a locked-in price, using our 24-hour self-service tools.

Market News

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